Oil spill clean up can be fast and easy with our absorbents and bioremediation products. A very effective way to clean up contaminated soil and groundwater is with oil eating microbes.
These oil eating microbes are available in different forms:

  • Infused within an organic absorbent, which both absorbs the oil and rapidly bio remediates the contamination.
  • A concentrated liquid, for adding to a contaminated ground soil or water.

Aabaco Microbe packages will

  • Work silently, invisibly and rapidly 24/7
  • Break down harmful hydrocarbons, both above and below ground level
  • Turns hydrocarbon into harmless top soil
  • Assist in breaking down existing organic matter and other industrial/agricultural runoff pollutants.

Each project has its own unique requirements and challenges. Let Aabaco and its team members take the guesswork out of your bioremediation project. Please call us at (561) 988-3282  for information on which microbe package best suits your needs.

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