Absorbent Pads

Aabaco absorbent pads are specifically designed to both absorb and control those accidental spills.  Our pads are formulated in several different weights and textures ranging from open hole design, dimple design to heavy weight pads.  It is important to have absorbent pads available in your place of business for those emergency spills.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Soak up oils, solvents, coolants, cleansers, pesticides and hydrocarbons
  • Design and structure specific for medium and heavy weight pads
  • Design and absorbent specific as either universal (oil/water) or oil only spills

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Universal Pads

  • 452-UPAD – Gray Dimpled Light Weight Pads – 15”x 18” (200/bundle)
  • 460-UPAD – Gray Dimpled Medium Weight Pads – 15”x 18” (100/bundle)
  • 456-UPAD – Gray Dimpled Heavy Weight Pads – 15”x 18” (100/bundle)

Oil Only Pads

  • 414-OPAD – White Dimpled Light Weight Pads – 15”x 18” (200/bundle)
  • 428-OPAD – White Dimpled Medium Weight Pads – 15”x 18” (100/bundle)
  • 418-OPAD – White Dimpled Heavy Weight Pads – 15”x 18” (100/bundle)

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1 Gallon Makes Up to 32 Gallons of Solution
• pH is 5.0 – 6.0
• 100% Organic Product from citrus peels
• 100% Pure Concentrate
• Environmentally Safe and Non- Toxic
• Pleasant Citrus Scent Odor Control

Available Sizes – 1 gallon, 5 gallons and 55 gallon drums

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